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My First Sexperience With Virgin Swati

Usually I’m a late riser. One day morning my mom was screaming at me to wake me up. Someone had come to my room. I woke up reluctantly and wringed my eyes and took my specs. Then I saw the man. He was my neighbor. I knew him. He said, “Are you a maths tutor? “ I replied yes. He asked me that if I had time to teach his daughter. I knew her too. She’s Swati. First I told him that I had not enough time but I didn’t refuse his offer. I was agreed to teach her from the next month.
On the very 1st day I went to teach Swati. She is very beautiful girl with figure stat 34-28-34. She is 18 years of age and really dumb in studies. I teach all of my students in such a way that they were impressed always. Naturally, Swati was also impressed. Days passed. She was becoming prettier day by day. One day she asked me whether I had any girlfriend or not. I said, “No need to have a girlfriend except you”. She was shocked! And said, “What?”. I became tensed but didn’t show up in front of her. I said, “Yes. You are right. I don’t know whatever you think of myself but I know that I love you. This is true”, I stopped. She didn’t study more on that day. I thought my tuition had gone. I regretted that I shouldn’t tell her in that way. I thought that what if she told that to her father and anyone else. But I was wrong. She didn’t tell anyone about my proposal. The next day I went to her room with lots of tension but nothing happened like that. She solved all the sums which I gave her. Then she suddenly held my hand and apologized to me for the last class she behaved with me. I was surprised! I thought I should apologize to her. Then I said, “Apology granted. But there is a condition”. She asked me what the condition was. I told her to let me kiss her. She was not agreed. She said, “Someone may come anywhere”. I said, “I’ll manage, don’t worry”. Then she agreed.
I held her tightly for a while and kissed my dream-girl for the 1st time. It was fantastic feeling to kiss her.…..!

Since that day, I used to kiss her in every class. Sometimes I used to take a kissing break for a while during studies. I had a secret desire to fuck her. I was just looking for a chance. One day I got that golden chance. There was no one in her whole house on that day. She was alone. I came to know that she would be alone on that day and I was prepared for the day.
I rang the calling bell. She opened the door. Wow! She was looking very sexy. She wore a hot pant and a top which were very tight to her body. Her hot fair thigh was totally opened and I was starred to there. She let me come in and closed the door. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait. I held her from back and started kissing her on ear lobe and neck. She smiled and said, “At least go to the bed room, sir”. I said, “I can’t wait to love my angel”. I was kissing on her cheeks and pressing her boobs over the top. We were moving to her bed room. Then I laid her on the bed and started to kiss on her lips. I was sucking her lips. It was like straw-berry and continued it for a long time. Then I started licking her cheeks with my watery tongue. After sometimes I went to her boobs. I peeled her completely and she did mine. Then, both of us were completely nude on the bed and I was on Swati’s body.

I was kissing and sucking her boobs and nipples madly and she was moaning ahhhhhhhh! ohhhhhh! oaaahhhhhhh! After finishing her boobs I came down to her belly. I was very curious about her navel and finally I got it. I started licking her navel and continued it for a long time till my satisfaction. Her navel was an ideal navel of women which I was looking for. And the taste of her navel was like butter. I licked her belly very passionately. After this, I reached to her pussy which was my ultimate destination. But before this, I sucked her hot thighs and soaked her thighs with my tongue. I was the 1st man tasting her. Then my move was to her pussy which was clean shaven. The pussy was reddish and I was surprised to see that there was not even a single hair. I kissed on it and started twist my tongue slowly into her love hole. I was licking with a great amusement and she was moaning louder than ever oooohhhhhhhhhhh! ahaaaaaaaaa! uuuuuaaaahhhhhhh! I didn’t stop sucking and more passionately I was doing it. After a while, she reached to her orgasm. She threw her juices and I lovingly licked all of it. My dick was erected enough and I put it on her vagina. I knew that she was a virgin. Once she looked at me and said, ”I heard from some of my friends that it is very painful”. I agreed and said, “Yes, sweetheart. But after a few strokes you will also enjoy it. Trust me”. Then she didn’t resist me.

I inserted my cock to her hole very gently because I wanted to minimize her pain as much as possible. I inserted twice in the beginning but it was not going inside. Then I sucked her pussy again and tried. I inserted my cock to her hole and started pushing slowly. When half of my penis went inside then she started screaming and with a final stroke I inserted full and felt that I broke her hymen. She burst into tears. And I was feeling proud to take her virginity at a very young age of hers (only 18). Then I kissed her on lips and started stroking my cock to her hole. After a few minutes she also started to enjoy my love and sex moves. She was moaning like hell woooooohhhhh! aaaaahhhhhhhh! moooove onnnnnn! Dooooon’t stooooppp! I was continuously fucking her with very short breaks in between. Whenever I reached to my orgasm then I moved out of her pussy and threw on her belly. I fucked my angel as long as I wished to do. This is my 1st sexperience with a virgin student.
Readers, how is the story? Plzzz comment. If any sweet and sexy students (girls) want to take my tuition then plzz contact me. You must be staying in Kolkata or any nearby city. The names and places will be kept secret. Thank you,     
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